Why Join The Purchasing Hui of Hawaii?

  • Our Vendors

    The Purchasing Hui of Hawaii has secured heavily discounted rates for products and services from 100+ local and national vendors, many of whom you might already be buying from.

  • Exclusive Pricing

    Through cost containment contracts, we are able to negotiate lower prices and rates using our collective group purchasing power.

  • Member Driven

    As a member, you'll help the group determine the types of contracts we need and award them to vendors of our choosing.

  • How We Do It

    The HUI provides lower prices for goods and services through cost containment contracts. Contracts are "member driven". Members determine the type of contracts. Members award the contracts. The members provide detailed lists of products and services they use.


    The HUI combines the members' usage and generates a Request for Proposal (bid). The bid is sent to all vendors on the island. The HUI compiles the returned bid information onto a spreadsheet. Members meet monthly to review the information and award the contracts. The HUI finalizes the details of the contracts with the awarded vendors.


    The HUI sends copies of the awarded contracts to each member. The contracts become the price list for the members to use when purchasing.

  • Purchasing

    When you become a member, you will be provided with the list of the Hui's contracts and prices. Place your orders through the vendors, like you normally do. It doesn't mean having to buy large quantities. You'll find some of the Hui vendors are the same you're currently using.

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